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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Late Harvest Loquat Chutney

The "Loquat" fruit is a small oval shaped fruit with yellowish skin indigenous to to southeastern China. The Loquat, which shares a similar name to the kumkwat but carries no scientific kinship, is also commonly known as the"Japanese Meddler". The flavor is tart like an apple and sweet like a mango which proves for good out of hand eating as well as Jellies, Jams, and Chutneys. The Chinese make extract from the juice and use it as a cure-all, and has a very mild sedative effect. Thanks to the unforgiving amounts of sun in southern California these buggers grow all over the place. I've been waiting for the peak of ripeness to harvest but decided to let them go a little extra to intensify flavor. My neighbor has a tree hanging over his fence in the alley and lucky for me I was hungry for some Street-fruit chutney this morning. Here we go!

One must secure:

1 trash can (for standing on to grab fruit)
15-20 Loquats
1 meduim yellow onion
1 crisp green apple
3 cups sugar
3 cups appple cidar vinegar
1 zest of Orange
1 jalapeno
3 sprig thyme
1 dried guajillo chile
2 tablespoon grain mustard

To make:
De-seed all the fruit making shure to discard as much of the inner membrane surrounding the seeds. Medium dice onion and apple. Finely slice half the jalapeno starting from the tip and working toward the stem ( This way you get more pepper and less HEAT) Add all ingredients in medium sauce pan. Add enough water to cover all ingredients well. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to low and simmmer for 1 hour. Remove thyme and guajillo chile. Let cool. SERVE!
I like to serve this with some fresh bread or crakers. Nothing fancy, just let the chutney do the talking while you do the eating! A Huevo!

Next time more HEAT
Working a station and Food blogging is challenging
Less mustard if not complete omission
The Iphone camera is pheeble-genic