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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Wish List

I think as Americans we take a lot of stuff for granted. Our Freedom, Our Job, Our Family, Our wonderful heath care reform, Pop Music, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Telemundo, and most importantly the myriad of foods available to us around the holiday. We eat our faces off for a few days, drink like Indians and then feel guilty for it come New Years vowing that our "resolution" is to hit the gym. In true American spirit I too eat and drink this way year round, which is why I'm posting a fully detailed list appreciating everything I've consumed this Holiday season, without nutritional facts, organic endorsements, or warning labels. Feliz Navidad!

In some chronological order:

Snyders hard pretzels and ham for breakfast (mustard)

Lunch @ Nopalito in SF- Fish Taco, Blue Corn Casadilla, Chicken Enchiladas with Mole Negro

Strong Banana tasting beers @ Toranado in SF

Heavenly Veal Sausage from German Lady

Blue Blottle coffee

Family meal @ INCANTO Pork Loaf, Potato wedges, Apple Sauce

Chef Chris' 7 fishes dinner with macaroons for dessert

A bearclaw

Jim Beam Rye

Christmas dinner @ Rigoberto's #2 chicken enchilada, chilaquiles salsa rojo, rolled cheese tacos

Ham for lunch (mustard)

Bulleit Bourbon

Stella Artois

30 to 40 red vines

Chicken Shwarma @ MAMAS BAKERY

bud light (may i emphasize no caps)

Jalapeno Poppers @ RedFox

Some Red Wine

Burritos with corn salsa @ INDIGO

More Ham

Faint memories of a grip of cookies, chocolates and cakes of sorts...

Mexican Slang Of the Week


"A huevo!"- A derivative of "A huevo que si!"

which is a slang version of saying "Claro que si!"

meaning "Of Course!"

-"huevo" is "egg" in Spanish. Young males use "huevos" to refer to their testicles.

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  1. my new blogggg--- our entire family said they have no interest in reading it, maybe you do? I hope!