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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ode to Mediocre Food

As the winter comes to a winding end, the promise of the springs' bounty of fruits and vegetables is a welcomed one. Which is exactly why I haven't been doing much cooking of mine own. I'm taking this opportunity to taste for myself the very food under my nose. I am eating my neighborhood, so to speak, which is nor alien or domestic alike and thus far has all been great. I'm constantly eating restaurant quality food, and my bar is set pretty high when it comes to street nourishment. The belly of the food industry often goes overlooked. But it's the little hole in the wall places that keep me fueled when I'm on the outside. I'd like to take my hat off to the regular food in my city. It's the Vietnamese Pho, Lebanese Shwarma's, and Mexican tacos that keep me nourished. This food is not expensive, not hard to find, and not very healthy. It is very accessible, absolutely delicious and what America eats. Hats off to you!

Big Beer

Bloody Oranges

"Cooks" chamgaine/ Chambord/ Rose Pedals ( notice the pliars needed to uncork )

Fancy Beet salad from Valentines Dinner Menu

Parma Proscuitto and Head Cheese/ Mustards/ Cheese

Life is Your Oyster

Philly Snack in San Diego??!!

SHROOM pizzas

Mexican Slang of the Week
"Dwenday" a "ghost" can be used as a slang term for a white person (gringo or wero)
ejamplo "Que pedo Dwenday?"
example "Whats up whitey?"

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